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Rubin & Jacobson, LLC is a trial law firm concentrating in commercial litigation, representing a diverse clientele that includes large companies, both private and public, municipal governments, business owners, commercial property owners, managers and developers, professionals, and individuals alike.

Client Testimonials

Robert K

I have been in business 36 years and we needed a very good attorney with excellent litigation strategies. Dave Rubin and Jonathan Jacobson I can say are two of the best when it comes to business litigation... I highly recommend their services to any business owner who is looking for professional attorneys that are more than fair, honest and very personable.

Barbara A

Honest. Ethical. Professional. David and Jonathan came highly recommended and I could not be happier with my decision to have them represent me. They were very thorough in researching everything as it pertained to my case, which resulted in a positive outcome for me. They respond promptly to emails and phone calls and everything is explained and easy to understand.

Marco H

Legal matters are not something to be taken lightly. With Jonathan and David you get what you pay for... If you don't know the legal ramifications and want to have someone that will be on your side the whole way and tell you facts, these are your attorneys. I am pleased with having their representation for one of the biggest and must complicated deals I ever had to deal with.

Frank R

There were several unexpected twists in my case, and Jonathan’s diligent preparation allowed us to deal with them in a timely, expert manner. Every contingency was foreseen and provided for, making me feel I had the best legal counsel available anywhere, at any price. No dollar value can be placed on the peace of mind Jonathan has brought me. I recommend his legal services without reservation.

Jennifer M

We hired Jonathan to represent my uncle in a civil litigation case. He was thorough, patient and extremely well-versed. I was grateful for how patient he was considering there was a massive language barrier between him and my uncle. Jonathan was diligent in his prep work and took his time explaining potential outcomes, yet at the same time provided my uncle with peace of mind.

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